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facing ranged army Empty facing ranged army

Post  derakang on Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:19 pm

ok guys when u face ranged army there are many usefull tips I can give

1. if u want to use only footsoldiers and ranged troops in your army.

in this chase I hope u have bunch of sword/pikes together whith u . first make about 30-40 armys containing only 1 pike or sword . and the future tactic depends on what u have the most :
A. footsoldiers - divide army in 2 more parts ...... 1st part put most of footpad + hero ( 80%-90%footpad ) .....2nd part - rest of army .
when army making is completed do the following : send these 1 army containig guys first ( just mark em all and click on location ) , right after them send your reall army 1st part and 2nd . when enemy will get your army in range they will start shooting at your 1 footpad armys . for archears each attack takes 10 sec - so literally u will loose 1 pikeman every 10 sec nomather how many archers he have . meanwhile - order your ranged sguardon to start shooting at em - so u can weaken them and footpads - to chaarge , whne your footpad reaches them - they re done ( keep your 1 footpad army to move too .... u can leave about half to stay near ranged squardon - just remember enemy might mave marksmans too )

B. archers - simply send whole army right after your fake armys whith 1 pike/sword or even cart and right after them your reall army . only diference in this formation is - u need more 1 men armys - at least 60+ , because u never may know how strong the enemy is .

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