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Post  derakang on Wed Apr 22, 2009 12:19 pm

ok guys lately I we noticed - u are getting wiped during raids , so here Ill post some stuff and mayby u will find it interesting

1. alway ALWAYS use scouts during raids ...... dont move your army in unkwon zone !

2. if u spot enemys army - think carefully -u can kill him or better not .

3. when plundering or capturing enemys village always create 2 armys : in 1st some troops + carts and or hero for plundering or capturing and 2nd all ranged units + most mele and or hero for eliminating enemys army
Put your second army on same spot as 1st . while 1st will do the job , the second will protect it from ranged combat .
by the way same goes while u are destroying enemys walls !
4. once u are engaged in combat - I dont advise to withdraw ... because in that case u will suffer heavy looses while your enemy stays unharmed . ( only if u arent greatly outnumbered and dont have 0 chance to win )

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