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Post  derakang on Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:14 pm

well I was looking at my stables trying to figure out good strategy and well here it is -

100 knights
50 horsemans
200 archers
50 marksmans
+ scouts and hero

as u know knights are extreemly tolerant against archer attacks + they ae really though ... only they sux against pikes and well are weak against man at arms .... exacly thats why u have archers - they will take out enemys pikes at extreeme rate . horsemans will take care of man at arms , so .... knights purpose in your army is mostly to be shield .

whith this formation u can engage enemys ranged units in ranged combat too ( except if he has marksmans Razz ) . cause while u will suffer few looses in your frontline ( knights n horses ) meanwhile enemy will take great looses in his army .

by the way - nomather what kind of army style u use - remember to take at least 6 scouts !!!

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